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Racism Is So American That When You Protest It, People Think You Are Protesting America

Racism Is So American That When You Protest It, People Think You Are Protesting America

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Hello everyone. Thanks for joining our weekly stop racism call. This is usually left by a shock but he is on a little…


Lisa Hicky

Hello everyone. Thanks for joining our weekly stop racism call. This is usually led by Ashok, but he is on a little mini-vacation this week so he couldn’t attend. He’ll be back next week. So meanwhile I’m your host Lisa Hickey and I’m glad to have you here.

The thing that I want to talk about tonight is a meme that somebody had posted in our Facebook group. And the meme says “racism is so American that when you protest that people think you are protesting America”. When I first read that I was like “wow that’s so spot on” but then as I started to think of all the examples I was like “Oh my God. Now that I’m thinking of actual specific examples it’s even more horrifying.” So let me read it again. It says “racism is so American that when you protest that people think you are protesting America”. So I was hoping that we could we could all of us on this call come up with a list of examples. What is an example of something where somebody was protesting racism the chatter about it is “you know that’s not even American or you’re not patriotic”. It doesn’t have to be exactly those words but the implication is that your protest is somehow un-American.

Go ahead.

SPEAKER 1: All right. The most perfect example that I can actually come up with is Colin Kapernick. You know the reason why is because when he took when he took a knee, he needed to take a stand and stand against police brutality and racism. You know he knew he was immediately accused of being unpatriotic. People felt it was a grave disrespect to his country.

But it wasn’t against his country. He was just he was against the way that our country is handling racism.

GROUP LEADER: Yeah. Now that’s a great example that that’s really probably one of the clearest example where they you know they just outright said he’s being unpatriotic. He’s being an American in a what any football player who meals in solidarity with him is is disrespecting.

It’s almost like you know that they were disrespecting these symbols of America and therefore disrespecting America’s self when the whole reason he’s kneeling is to stop people from getting killed like people are dying. And somehow the dying is the American way.

And so they’re protesting it becomes anti-American. I mean it it’s it’s it’s it’s insane when you think about it. But I’m going to show that there is a lot of other examples of this .

People come and go so quickly around here.

So Dominique we do have an example that you wanted to give.

SPEAKER 2: I was going to give the same example. But I do know that there have been lots of others, especially the comments that have shown up in that same way that people who are commenting on other other people talking about racism have responses that sound just like that. Like when you say that “if you don’t love this country you should leave this country.” Well I didn’t say I didn’t love this country I said I’m protesting this racism that’s going on. So it’s a horrible response but it seems to be very common and something that I knew that this country had a lot of racism but I didn’t know how many people think that standing up against racism is actually unpatriotic which is on the one hand ridiculous and on the other hand that’s exactly how this country was started with on racist behavior.

LEADER: Exactly.

SPEAKER 3: So the the example I was going to give was Columbus Day. Right. Like Columbus was a genocidal murderer who decimated or who helped start quote paved the way for the decimation of Native Americans and yet he is celebrated as a hero. So when people started protesting Columbus Day as a holiday that that’s the first comment that people got were you know you’re being unpatriotic.

It seems like what people mean is: “Can’t you just let the holidays be holidays like why do you have to politicize everything like this.”

I think people know that that was sort of a hard one to to argue in favor of keeping Columbus Day. But but it’s still celebrated in some states.

SPEAKER 4: We met before we met this weekend at a writer’s conference. And Shane in the coming weeks I hope will present some of the work she’s done on racism in schools and changing the narrative so welcome.

I’m glad you did. Thank you. Yeah. That’s great.

So I just wanted to know has is this based on Donald Trump and the GOP new slogan Love it or leave it. Is that what we’re talking about.

Oh no we weren’t talking about that particularly but that’s that’s a really good example of it. The the the the meme that we started with was racism is so American that when you protest that people think you are protesting America. So I was just asking for examples so so far we have Colin Kaepernick kneeling which was seen as anti-American. We have the comments that anyone standing up for racism of any kind. Get told you know you don’t love America and that feeds right into that. That’ll Trump love it or leave it.

And then I had also just said Columbus Day was an example of you know we try to get Columbus Day off the books and people are like oh no how could you do that it’s just a holiday and just let us have our holidays.

SPEAKER 3: You know I mean what other examples or anyone else have any other example. I was just going to jump into that and say that when when Columbus Day was when he came through that Columbus Day was going to be now observed as indigenous people day.

Oh boy. Now I can’t remember something like racial equity and diversity trainings in the school system in Vermont. The perhaps most white percentage wise state in the country or close to it. And so we were celebrating that and one of the comments was what a waste of time. And it’s just so as many times as you hear something like I just feel like somebody kicked me in the stomach when I read something when I’m feeling good. OK good. We’re getting somewhere. You know we’ve recently had we had a representative leave office because of racist harassment of she and her family.

And so you know it’s just sad. She was our only black so far only woman of color in office in the state of Vermont. And she left office because she was getting harassed. And the guy who was harassing her was actually caught with guns that are illegal in Vermont and there doesn’t it seems to have kind of blown over. Imagine if a black person was caught in Vermont with you know rapid round guns that are illegal in Vermont. What would have happened like this is so ludicrous. And that monitored Americans for them and armed themselves that way but not again.

Yes and the scary thing about all of that is that I think it’s the beginning because the love it or leave it thing is going to. In my opinion it’s going to strengthen the White Nationalists with weapons. And they’re going to go after candidates. So there are no there’s no opposition to the Republican candidate and I think it’s going to it’s I think it’s going to really shake our faith because because the people who are running have to be able to survive that kind of abuse. And it’s very hard when you kids are targeted or your family’s targeted or your parents are targeted.

I think we have not seen the last of this at all.

SPEAKER: I think you know that’s the canary in a way that that you had to leave office because of the horrible harassment we had it last time to 16 a couple of people had to drop out now into 18 a couple of people had to drop out but because Trump is rallying the hate forces they are going to become the local arbiter of who’s running.

I hope I’m wrong.

SPEAKER: Well I don’t think you’re wrong Carol. I think though that at the same time as that’s happening you look at how amazing the responses of the four women Ayana Pressley trying to memorize this woman’s name because they’re so important. Omar you right to leave. And of course at Alexandra Castillo Cortez. Their responses and their unwillingness to be swerved from to be swayed from the important work of bringing change for everyone in this country and keeping on sending that message out. This is for everyone in this country this is to have the kind of country that at least for a portion of time we’ve been really talking about what this country is about as a positive thing.

I mean I know that it’s never really been fully about that but there’s always been a huge amount of systemic racism as well as the the extremist kind of racism in this country. But at the same time there’s also been a lot of work on the other side. I’m hearing the talk that I listened to a couple of weeks ago in my head with Angela Davis talking about how we need to learn from places like why where they’re doing amazing human rights activism and then watching Bolívar which is the history of human Bolívar who is the liberator of much of northern and South America from the Spanish.

And it’s really great to see that in contrast and see the kind of I think that what you pointed to is true. And at the same time there are ways of seeking to unite forces. There are ways of learning from people in the past and what they’ve had to do and what and what mistakes people have come up against.

So there’s a lot to be done but I think it’s the same thing as if we get discouraged if things aren’t going if change isn’t always going in the direction we wanted to we also need to remember that when it’s going in the direction we don’t want it to that’s not the only thing that’s happening.

I often make no quick comment.

SPEAKER: One of the things I’m thinking just off the top of my head is that we’re talking about racism but I think it’s a bigger picture than just racism here. I think we need to also keep in mind economics played a pivotal role in why Trump and people similar to him have these type of voices. Our political and economic systems are a lot more stronger than the complexion of somebody’s skin. And I think that over the years racism has been the low hanging fruit. And it is something that we gravitate toward.

But if we look at accurately at the economic level you will see that it’s not just people of color. I mean there are poor people who are Hispanic. They’re poor people for Caucasians they’re for people who are Asian and Native American. And for Trump if those people live in the United States he is in some kind of way putting us all together. It’s not that he’s just say African-Americans or people of color Hispanic. He’s talking about the economic status of people as well you know from a lot of stuff that I’m reading from him.

It has its place a lot to do with whether or not you can. You are an influencer you know can you impact people’s lives. Can you influence other people’s lives. He’s a we think a lot of times. And I’m not going to speak for everybody I’m just talking about me. A lot of times I’m thinking racism is easier to deal with than the real elephant that’s in the room and that love it or leave it. He’s also talking about a class system as well. Yes.

LEADER: So I want to I want to add to what you said come and thank you for that. But I also want to tie it back to the original topic so the original meme that we had said was racism is so American that when you protest that people think you are protesting America. What you just said made me realize that when people protest racism, part of the pushback is that they are protesting the American dream. Right? There is this American dream that you can be a self-made man or woman if you just work hard enough. You can move up that economic ladder.

And we know that that’s false. But the American Dream is exactly what racism is designed to protect. Right? The American Dream is held up there for white men to aspire to.

And and it’s built on the backs of of oppressed people and when you’re protesting racism you’re protesting that American dream.

And it really all ties together and then the other thing was for Congresswoman Wright was another perfect example.

So their unwillingness to be swayed their their ability to stand up and talk about racial issues get them labeled the jihadist squad and told to go back to where they came from. And and that’s exactly it too. Right. It’s like the racism is so American that when you protest that people think you are protesting America.

SPEAKER: So the narrative turned them into so-called anti Americans because of their willingness to step up for these issues. That’s like that’s the perfect example of what but Trump also talked about them going back to their dilapidated communities and the poverty and all of the other things that a lot of people attribute to the people who are living there. .

It is more of a mindset that is separated from other people. And I think a lot of times if people like Trump and others and the nationalists if they had an opportunity and a willingness to come to the table and have a conversation they will see that there is more similarity than those things that divide.

In this country we have used that as a way to separate the haves and the have nots. And it looks the way that even more because we have a positive that’s a multimillionaire and most of his cronies a multi millionaire cause we haven’t seen its taxes yet.

Well we’ll go back to them too.

That’s true. You may never see a vote before the euro is but we live in a country that has now accepted the lie as truth in many parts.

And they’re not doing the research and they’re not learning they’re just accepting and our own ignorant is what’s going to do happen.

And they’ll love it or leave it thing that terrifies me most of them can come up with something that counters that as easily.

I think it ties back to where things are moving in a direction that in some ways we moved away from. But when we bring back in the economics…But if we go back to there is a professor a female professor that pointed out that the first reference in law in the United States was after Bacon’s Rebellion. If I’m getting that correctly that there was actually a law in place and I think it was Maryland and Virginia that if a woman a white woman married. No, I’m sorry if non-slaves were married to a slave. She was a slave and her children were slaves until the children turned 18. And then after I believe it was Bacon’s Rebellion they changed the law that made it that white woman could not marry black slaves.

It was all about finances it was all about if they come together we’re more threatened in holding our wealth and keeping our wealth.

Yeah. And then fast forward.

And what we’re talking about the accepting the lie is truth. So you know we go back to I don’t remember what year it was but Edward Bernays was hired by the cigarette company to get women to smoke and that doesn’t sound like it’s about racism but it ties. And that the public has been manipulated with ideas in order to sell product in order for the wealthy to keep getting wealthier and in order for the wealthy to maintain their wealth.

And having giving some wealth to white and that is not given to non-white has given them a base of you know we don’t have the slave patrols now but now we have these militant groups on the border militias on the border that are being allowed to have guns even even rapids. I’m not saying it right but assault weapons and holding them up against people who are seeking asylum. People who are legally. Well maybe they’re illegally trying to come in but all they’re trying to do is find safety and so.

But so this manipulation of information for the for the wealthy has been going on all along. And Howard Zinn’s book A People’s History of the United States was has been outlawed in certain states as part of the curriculum. Public schools in certain states cannot include Howard Zinn book. A People’s History of the United States because he went back in and did the research and showed the how letters went back and forth from people like John Adams and the Founding Fathers and how they were not about liberty and justice for all. They were about liberty and justice for the top 20 percent of the white male population.

Now it’s all true alter where you have and and now that they are talking about the new controls on food stamps I thought something really quickly about child labor and then it disappeared on me but if they are looking at reinstituting child labor because the kids aren’t going to school because there are no schools to go to as we all know thanks to Betsy divorce then we can make them we can put them into jobs which will lower the price of labor as we all know and put grown men who are supporting their families out of work so it’s a I thing Maya my conspiracy theory is by stopping food stamps by by stopping help to a house bound by stopping health care from expanding by substituting jobs with child labor.

There is a definite trend to destroying the lower class stressing them out.

They’re not giving them jobs there soon won’t be food.

So my my thing is the wealthy are now playing a new game. I think going back to economics like you were talking about Dominique and Carmen that if they can get rid of the poor and the non-working and the sick and whatever when climate change hits and we we know it’s in process it’s not going to be who has the most toys. It’s going to be who lives the longest and I think the wealthy are starting to understand they better be damn sure it’s them and their kin. They control how many mouths there are to feed by how many people get to remain in this country while Joe.

Carol we were talking about in Japan. Remember how they composed the birthrate there. Yes. And now it’s backfiring on them. You know I had they would tell in China once now. And China is the main thing. Now it’s backfiring on them. So that’s right. I think you’re telling a family that you can only have one child. So now that the baby boomers are dying out they don’t have you know enough women for the men to produce with so reproduce with. So it’s like OK it’s backfiring on you.

This is why I keep saying that racism is changing its color now is changing its color.

It is purely economic for people like Trump and the Conservatives they could care less. They look at a Hispanic they look at a Native American they look at African-Americans somebody from the from two words a Hispanic Dominica or any of those places. I ask for Africa. They look at us and they say what can we get from this person. Are they going to be a contributor to our community out our capitalist society. That’s how he wants to determine whether or not you become a citizen in this country. Now that’s right.

And I’m going to add that’s right. And I’m going to add. What do you do with a country of all men and just a few women. Which is really the wrong way. Well a good way. What do you do about them. Yeah. So what do you do with those men you put them to you put them in war because they’re raising soldiers because they’re not encouraging families.

So the soldiers are going to be the ones pulled into force to fight against the effects of climate change you know build the ramparts and herd the people and whatever and they can also use them in in doing their building boom because the farmers are expected to migrate from the center of China to this to the Pacific Ocean particularly Singapore. And Singapore is right now using half the cement produced in the world to build accommodations for the 2 million they’re expecting in the next five to 10 years.

So if they have men without families they have a tool that they can use 24/7. And I think that’s part of it.

And the private prison system you know they’re re creating so many things. If we think of new forms of indentured servitude of the poorhouse you know we go back a couple hundred years.

Anybody who couldn’t pay their bills was thrown into prison that’s happening more in certain states than others but it’s happening and the you know is really being put in prison is a new form of slavery and people are being forced to pay the exorbitant rates for it just talking to family members on the phone while in prison. So it’s just this cycle the cycling around of all these things where the wealth was built in the first place. And how do we extract more. And I’ve I’ve been I’ve mentioned a couple times on the call today.

I just finished reading Vandana Shiva book oneness versus the one percent. And so I’m going to bring that back in because it is about racism and she very much points to it as racism as an Indian woman and as an academic and she’s fought against it. She also was through her that I learned to understand better. Jeff Bezos his fortune wasn’t based on selling in the US. Amazon isn’t actually a successful in the US as we’re often led to believe. He became the richest man in the world from extracting wealth from poor people in India and and Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation I always felt like there’s just no way that people that wealthy are really doing a lot of good in the world.

And she shows how everywhere where the Gates Foundation has put a lot of a lot of money the gates as other companies are are benefiting. Laws are getting changed that benefit them and then finances are pouring in to their their other companies. So that’s good for us. Yeah. No it’s not. But it’s great to have someone like her who is you know having multiple people yourselves included who are seeing things from all these different vantage points. Of course she’s in India and they made laws. Monsanto has been there over over hundred thousand farmers have killed themselves because of 80 percent of them it’s because of B.T. cotton which is Monsanto is responsible for Monsanto has been charging for use of seeds in ways that are actually illegal in India to do and the Chiefs fought very hard and they’ve got they’ve passed laws and there’s been they’ve actually they’ve at.

They have managed to at least slow down the extraction of wealth from India by Monsanto Gates by I don’t know about bees but they stop. Zuckerberg. I think his name right. The Facebook owners Zuckerberg. They stopped him from basically owning a lot of the food system in India because they caught what they caught on to what he was doing and slowed that process down. But basically one of the things and one of the reasons I bring this up is they looked at their looks at where they were going to get wealth from and if if the if a country has a middle class it’s harder to actually make money off of some than having people who are really you know in dire straits and don’t have a lot of choice and it’s very easy to manipulate what happens in their world.

And so they say looked at India and the numbers of poor people in India. They said that’s where the money is. But I also have been thinking for a while now they’re trying to turn this country into more of a third world country because it gives them more power and can be convincing the poor white population that just the way that Nazi Germany was saying it’s because of the Jews and all of their you know look at how wealthy they are that that Germany is struggling. Germany was struggling because of losing World War 1 and because of you know the climate in Europe at the time.

But they blamed it on the Jews and the same thing is happening in this country right now. They’re blaming everybody of color especially the people coming from Latin x country. I think more so and correct me if if anybody knows more data but I think it’s especially those coming from the southern border are getting targeted as the biggest reasons for the financial problems in this country which is absolutely ridiculous. Like in this state nobody wants the jobs where they have to get up at 4:00 in the morning to work with the cows.

And we used to have in Vermont there used to be. I’m not a Vermonter but I’m learning about this as someone who lives here now. But they used to have something like 600 dairy and now there’s this tiny number of dairies. Same number of cows all the dairies have like 7000 cows on them now and they’re in terrible. They’re not living outside and you know having the lifestyle where it’s a fairly decent lifestyle while they’re alive they’re crammed into these horrible conditions and then they’re fed antibiotics and they’re they use stress to get them to produce more wool when the cattle for meat they they stress them at the end because it makes their meat their meat grow bigger and firmer and just going on now.

But this is all it’s all aimed at extracting the wealth and if racism is the the it’s the game they’re playing to convince these people while they take their money while they take their resources while they poison them. And get earn money off of them through Big Pharma through hike through Big Tech through you name it anything that’s making big money.

I agree. And I’ll I’ll tell you what else is terrifying for me along with this is that Trump has Trump when I say Trump I mean the the whole administration. But I’ll go with that.

Remember Lisa a long time ago you say they do these little things to see how they get tolerated and if they can get away with it then they keep building on it.

Yet that denial that leads to expanding the opportunities that say No that’s right.

You think so. Here we go with our concentration camps along the southern border.

I don’t think that’s an accident. And once you have concentration camps are corporations like Standard Oil and I’m going to lose it.

Carnegie the railroads all the big oil companies the railroads and all the people that help Germany establish run and gas. People made a fortune because the workers in their factories were the people out of the concentration camp. So again I started limousine. If you start eliminating jobs because you’re going to put kids in there if you don’t want to pay the kids I don’t know where can we find some kids with nothing to do yeah. The concentration camps we’ve got. So they’re creating the same situation as in Nazi Germany and it’s again terrifying because it is under racism and it is under immigrants and it is under refugees.

But if they can capture these people and make them work for nothing. That’s all the better for the for the greed. But it’s it’s going to create a terrible problem when our resources vanish.

And I don’t think anybody thinks it’s going to happen. But the waters go in the air. So the seas are going. And then what do you do. Natalie. Oh. So India was hit by the heat wave. I’m just going to throw this in because it’s just horrible. India was hit by the heat wave and you were talking about making the money on poor people. Nominee so they got hit with a heat wave it dried up all the land all the water and who do you think is making the money they’re charging the people for water and there’s not enough water there is now.

Well the monsoons are here. If they have sister and they’re doing better but the monsoons have created flooding because the ground is in soft enough to absorb the water yeah. So. So this could come out of. Yeah. Good. I’m feeding off of you. But this is the wealthy making money on water.

Next move making money on Walmart which resides what she is ties in what. Vandana Shiva teaching. There are glaciers in the Himalayas that are melting that that basically they are the water source for the whole. For several countries in the Hindu Kush area of northern India. PAUL So several countries. So what we’re seeing now that you’re talking about is a tiny blip compared to what’s coming. And and she did explain it and I’m not going to get it exactly right. But what happens when you know when it’s held in these frozen conditions and then released the valleys can’t absorb it when like you’re saying when it’s all dried out and it’s not held in snow.

The same thing is true of California and the West Coast. If there aren’t enough snow and even my daughter was talking about kids in peace call me tonight she’s in the Sierras for the camp she does with children with incarcerated parents. So she’s a counselor there and they had more snow. So they’re waiting but and more rain than that for longer. But everywhere it’s dried out the water just washes through and that causes the flooding it causes all these other disastrous problems that washes away the topsoil where we are going to have food issues but I think all of this is it’s not accidental.

So we talk about it as though. What are they the wealthy going to do when this happens and they don’t you know how are they going to make money or at least I’ve heard some people making comments like that they know exactly where it’s going. They their intention to own water and own food and own you know there was a carbon was part of the whole not the norm Berg gave them a pat on the back instead of Cook and they just bought Monsanto when they own a quarter of the world’s seed. Now this has all been very well thought out and they’re continuing to try to graft as much as they can.

And so anywhere where we see like bunnies on the humus work in India where we see things that have worked well in the past and South American are working well in South America and there are some I know that Angela Davis mentioned some work that’s being done in an African country and I wish I had written it down but I didn’t. But maybe I should actually write to surge signing up for racial justice and see if one of them can can remind me. Or remind us there. So I think what we need to do and I think this is what Angela Davis was saying is that we need to look to where things where movements are strong.

She did say individuals don’t make change movements do. We’ve said that on this call before. Everything we’re talking about and I’m not trying to talk you out of being afraid and worried and stressed I’m afraid and worried and stressed and we don’t know how bad it’s going to get. But we have to if we’re going to keep going we have to keep looking for where movements have leverage. You know like I said. And that’s that’s the same thing with Colin Kaepernick and the decision I made. I’m not going to not talk because I actually have left several organizations because you’re supposed to hold neutral therapeutic space for people in my work.

I’m not going to do it. If this is the only time I have with people the only way that I interact with people if anybody doesn’t want to know about my political opinion I won’t throw it at people necessarily right away. The people are suffering. The first thing my first job is to try to ease their suffering but I’m making it abundantly clear where I stand and what I care about as often as I can and in every way I can. That is not causing harm to decreasing harm because that’s what we need to be doing is doing everything we can to decrease harm.

And I’m preaching to the choir so I’m sorry for that No it’s OK. It’s good to hear. Yeah. No I’m glad.

This is my first time on the call. Thank you Carol.

I’m glad that people here who are thinking outside what the news media is trying to get us to focus for you know we have been so focused or browbeaten by the sound bites that the real issues are going onstage. So I am glad that we are we are seeing that real issues in Tennessee and talked about.

No I’m afraid but I’m not I’m not terrified. I’m I’m really concerned.

I guess I’m really concerned because although we have the power of 90 over 90 percent of the country that that 10 percent is just not to be reasoned with as far as I can tell and in in Europe people are guaranteed their job. And in America they’re not so Europe.

And I saw something in Puerto Rico did you see that march in Puerto Rico it looked like the whole country was in the streets. Yeah. And.

And they can do that because their jobs are in well that the island is still recovering.

There’s not enough jobs include Nobody’s losing anything by marching. But in this country the employers can say if you march tomorrow you don’t have it don’t come back for your job and and and I think that’s why we don’t women filled women find a way to fill the streets but we don’t have as many on the streets as we like as we’re linked to the lawyers.

But that at at will employment agreement that they instituted it. What about 25 years ago that they can fire you at will. No you don’t have to be a valid reason anymore right.

That’s right.

So it keep people and it keeps people from protesting and they want to make nonplused less numerous so that as our rights get destroyed I guess my fear is not that we won’t come out of it because I think we will. I think the period between the transition could get to be a lot of fighting over resources and that’s going to be really difficult. But if if they completely ignore climate change it limits the time we have to recover and and I guess that plus the bad decisions of today make where we’re going uncertain but I think there are more wonderful kind good people that are that are interested in a better country.

I just don’t know if we can overcome that. The power that is sitting on behind a very few people in the White House and the Senate and my way.

Thank you. Real quick I think there are more people than that for sure.

No I was thinking when you were talking about the water rations that was going on in India.

Do you remember right here in America and when yeah when the water was so bad that the people were standing in line for hours to get bottles of water because yes they meant it they couldn’t drink it.

They couldn’t do anything.

So I was just thinking about we were we saw just a little bit of what the boat what could happen when when our water sources on usable or on anything. Yes I remember that as I looked at television all people standing in line for hours because they needed water to brush their teeth to cook their food to bathe and all this stuff. So this is real stuff that’s happening in this great country that you know we’re counting about and we’re trying to tell people not to come here but you know at the end of the day it’s not that we don’t want them here because you can go to different places in Europe and they welcome them here.

I mean different countries in Europe. You never hear Trump or the conservatives say oh we don’t want them here he hit me directly do it. I don’t know. Let me take that back. I don’t know. But what would you change.

Yeah. You’re happy that you’re using your. But it’s creating more Trump life. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. So he’s he welcomes them. Well that’s right.

I’m sad about that concentration camp because that just puts me in mind of slavery all over again the same thing that we separate in the Jewish communities suffer. It looks like it’s coming full circle again. Mm hmm.

And all the while the Navajo Nation. There are lots of places where even before these recent times they get trucked in like one barrel of water per household for a month. They have to do everything from that have like one big barrel of water and that’s their monthly surprised. And that’s been going on for a while and you know. And if people aren’t in convenient places you know this is so I mean that’s the whole idea of the reservation system from the perspective of the U.S. government was let’s push them out on so on until the least desirable lands.

And if they want to survive let them try to survive there and then they move then they have you will. And they’re doing it now again. So they continually go in. OK. This is your land and then they go and they say take it away again. They stripped that away or they or they drill on it or they pass a pipeline through it and and over and over again marginalized communities are used as a way for the ultra wealthy not to have to pay their fair share when they want it.

You know it’s the whole way that that wealth is extracted is where can we manipulate people and how can we manipulate people and who can we most easily manipulate.

All right.

Because it’s you know the land belongs to whoever’s got the most money and the most power anywhere.

So there is a likely culprit a lot I was going to mention Tamala boy Sims the African-American Buddhist nun quake good or transition coach teaching people how to live in the apocalypse that we’re in now not something in the future not something out of a movie but what we’re dealing with now. And she points to this notion that we should think about if there was a climate disruption tomorrow how would you eat for the next if nothing could come into your community for three weeks. What would your food sources be for you in your community.

And that’s just very important. And one more thing. Because it’s more relating to racism because of Paramount. But I just am reading it now. It’s farming while black and tea she and several other black farmers talk about how some people will call areas in the city food deserts. But she says no it’s food apartheid. It’s intentional. It’s been set up that way. It’s meant to be that way.

And that is the word that should be food apartheid. So we are out of time.

LEADER: Thank you everyone for joining this call.

And then I want to tie it all together to say well this is what we should do which is really rethink the way that we even talk about America. We have to take the lead in presenting a new vision of what America actually is — not even what we want it to be. But the America we want it to be is important too — the America that is diverse and wonderful and well-represented and all of these voices are heard and not marginalized. And we have to talk about America in that way.

I’ll write a post about it and I’ll put my list in there in the Facebook group but I just wanted to close the call with that because I wanted to bring it back to where we started. So thanks everyone.

Thank you.

The story was previously published on The Good Men Project.

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