Top Ten Reasons Why Racism Should Stop

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Top Ten Reasons Why Racism Should Stop

Do you think racism is rude? Do you think racism should stop? Well here is a list telling you why racism should stop once and for all.
1.)The constitution says “We The People,” not “We the Certain Color Of Our Skin People”.
2.)Equality, there is no difference besides the color of our skin.
3.)It hurts people, and it is rude.
4.)No one skin color is better than another.
5.)There are all color skins in prison, not just one group is committing crimes.
6.)Everyone deserves an equal chance in life, regardless of skin color
7.)There is no need to backtrack on the progress towards equality we have made.
8.)There is no need for it every group has had its struggles so there is no need to rip on another group.
9.)White power people who say they are better than minorities are very likely to have some form of a minority group in their ancestry.
10.)It is proven that no one group is better than another, it is just perspective and prejudice.
If you agree with this help stop racism today!

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Top Ten Reasons Why Racism Should Stop



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