Who We Are – News – Stop racism. Stop violence.

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Who We Are – News – Stop racism. Stop violence.

FIFA fully understands the depth of sentiment and concerns expressed by many footballers in light of the tragic circumstances of the George Floyd case.

FIFA had repeatedly expressed itself to be resolutely against racism and discrimination of any kind and recently strengthened its own disciplinary rules with a view to helping to eradicate such behaviour.

FIFA itself has promoted many anti-racism campaigns which frequently carry the anti-racism message at matches organised under its own auspices.

The application of the Laws of the Game approved by the IFAB is left for the competitions organisers which should use common sense and have in consideration the context surrounding the events.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino adds: “For the avoidance of doubt, in a FIFA competition the recent demonstrations of players in Bundesliga matches would deserve an applause and not a punishment.

“We all must say no to racism and any form of discrimination.”

“We all must say no to violence. Any form of violence.”

#stopracism #stopdiscrimination #stopviolence

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Who We Are – News – Stop racism. Stop violence.



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