Rachael Kirkconnell Asks Fans to Stop Defending Her

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Rachael Kirkconnell Asks Fans to Stop Defending Her

‘Bachelor’s Rachael Kirkconnell Tells Fans to Stop Defending Her Amid Racism Scandal | Entertainment Tonight<![CDATA[ /*! EnhanceJS: a progressive enhancement boilerplate. Copyright 2014 @scottjehl, Filament Group, Inc. Licensed MIT */ !function(window,undefined){"use strict";function loadJS(src){var ref=window.document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],script=window.document.createElement("script");return script.src=src,script.async=!0,ref.parentNode.insertBefore(script,ref),script}function loadCSS(href,before,media){function toggleMedia(){for(var defined,i=0;i-1&&(defined=!0);defined?ss.media=media||"all":setTimeout(toggleMedia)}var ss=window.document.createElement("link"),ref=before||window.document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],sheets=window.document.styleSheets;return ss.rel="stylesheet",ss.href=href,ss.media="only x",ref.parentNode.insertBefore(ss,ref),toggleMedia(),ss}function getMeta(metaname){for(var meta,metas=window.document.getElementsByTagName("meta"),i=0;i arrow-left-mobilearrow leftarrow-right-mobilearrow rightGroup 7Gallery Icon Copy 2Video Play Button Copy 5Hamburger MenuInstagramTwitterYoutubeShare Button7C858890-6955-48EA-B871-66CE1E33590CVideo-Playbutton Copy Skip to main content

Rachael Kirkconnell Asks Fans to Stop Defending Her

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