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Facebook Blueprint OnVUE exam information // Pearson VUE

Facebook Blueprint OnVUE exam information // Pearson VUE

Prior to testing

Q. Where can I test?

A. We require that you test in an enclosed, private space that allows you to maintain a strong and stable internet connection. An ideal testing space would allow you to close a door to avoid interruptions, as third-parties are prohibited from entering your testing space during the exam. If your testing space has windows or glass partitions that may allow a third-party into the view of the camera, your exam may be at risk of being revoked. Ensure that your testing space allows for your computer screen to face yourself, and your background environment protects the integrity of the exam content.

Q. How do I know my computer will work with the OnVUE software?

A. Perform a system test to download the OnVUE online proctoring software in advance to ensure that your system will work with our software. Once complete, review the system requirements and shut down all non-essential applications before launching the software. If you do not shut down non-essential applications, your exam may not load as expected and you may forfeit your exam fee as a result.

Q. How do I schedule my OnVUE exam?

A. Before scheduling an OnVUE exam, please review our system requirements to ensure that your computer will be able to run your exam. If your computer does not meet our system requirements, please schedule your exam at the test center closest to you.

Once you have verified that your computer meets system requirements, you can begin the scheduling process by signing into your web account to schedule your exam. After you have selected the exam you want to take, choose the “home or office” option. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the scheduling process.

Once you have successfully scheduled your exam appointment, you will be sent a confirmation email that will provide you with your appointment details and important information for exam day. We strongly recommend re-checking your system on exam day by running a system test and reviewing the minimum system requirements prior to the start of your exam. If you experience any issues during the system test or find your system does not meet our system requirements, please log back into your account to reschedule your exam. If you are unable to reschedule your exam, please contact your program-specific customer service team for assistance.

Q. Is my testing space okay for testing?

A. During the check-in process, you will be asked to take photos of your testing space, which will be checked by a proctor prior to starting your exam. Please ensure that your space is private and secure. If your testing space does not pass a room scan, you will not be permitted to proceed with taking the exam and may forfeit your exam fees.

Additional monitors (and, if applicable, systems) must be unplugged and turned off.

Any visible materials on the wall — including sticky notes, whiteboards, or chalkboards — that look like test reference material may be inspected by your proctor. If necessary, we may intervene or ask you to remove the material, and it could influence your ability to take your exam.

Q. What does the current system test check for?

A. The system test checks for:

  • General communications between OnVUE and Pearson VUE servers
  • Download speeds
  • Microphone/webcam functionality and permissions
  • Download of the secure browser
  • Unzipping and launching of the secure browser

We strongly encourage you to read the system requirements and ensure you meet them.

Q. Can I take my exam using a corporate/work computer?

A. Yes. However, candidates typically have more success when testing on personal computers rather than on their work computers. This is because work computers are more likely to have firewalls, VPNs, and other security policies that may block video streaming of you during the exam. We advise employers to share the following requirements with their candidates if they are testing on work computers. Find the link to these requirements here.

Q. Why is tethering to a mobile hotspot prohibited?

A. The current hotspot technology is not ideal for maintaining a reliable and consistent connection for candidates’ testing sessions. For optimal performance, a reliable and stable connection speed of 3 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up is required. When possible, we recommend testing on a wired network rather than on a wireless network. If testing from home, candidates should ask others in the household to avoid internet use during the testing session.

Checking in

Q. I can’t see the ‘Check-in’ button. What do I do?

A. Please log in to your account if you’re ready to check in for your exam. You’ll see the “Check-in” button if you’re able to launch your exam. If it’s not available within 15 minutes of your exam appointment time, please contact your program-specific customer service team for assistance.

Q. My proctor hasn’t started my exam yet. Where is my proctor?

A. Once you’ve completed all of your required check-in steps, you will see a page that states, “You are almost done with the check-in process”. We ask that you please be patient with us as our teams are checking in candidates who are in the queue. Most candidates will have their exam launched by a proctor within 15 minutes of the exam appointment. If you are experiencing a longer delay, there may be a problem with your photos or your internet connection. If there is an issue with your submitted photos, a proctor will attempt to reach you over chat or your cell phone. The incoming phone number may be unfamiliar to you but please answer so we can help you. If we haven’t contacted you in 30 minutes, we may have lost connection to you and our team has been unable to reach out to help resolve this issue. Please reach out to our customer service team via chat if you require assistance.

Q. What type of identification will I be required to present?

Q. How do I check in for my test on exam day and download the software?

A. You may have two options. Check out your confirmation, reschedule or reminder email. You can click the Check-in to start exam link if you are within 30 minutes prior, to 15 minutes past your appointment time.

The second option is to click the “Sign in now” button on this page to sign in to your web account.

The exam you are scheduled to take will appear once you log in to your account under “Open Online Exams.” Select the exam link and then select “Check-in.” If the “Check-in” button is not available within 15 minutes of your exam appointment time, please contact your program-specific customer service team for assistance. Please check your appointment details to make sure you are within the designated time frame.

With either start process, you will be asked to download OnVUE, the online proctoring software. Follow the prompts in the application to complete the required check-in steps. Have your acceptable identification available so that the proctor can verify your identity.

Shut down any non‐essential applications such as email, chat, calendars, and messaging applications. Please pay particular attention to any applications that may pop up unprompted reminders or messages for you during the exam.

You will be placed in a queue and connected with the next available proctor to begin your exam.

The check-in process takes approximately 15 minutes for candidates who have previously completed a system test.

To allow time for the check-in procedure, please be ready when the check-in window opens 30 minutes before the exam start time.

During exam

Q. Can I receive any exam assistance during the exam?

A. You may not receive any assistance from other individuals while taking the exam, and you may not allow other individuals to see the computer screen that presents the exam questions.

If another person enters the room while you are testing and/or is visible within your camera screen, your exam will be terminated. The proctor cannot answer questions related to exam content.

Q. Is technical software assistance available during the exam?

A. Most issues can be avoided by completing a system test and ensuring that you meet all system requirements in advance of testing. Common issues include an unreliable internet connection and third-party applications trying to run during your exam. We strongly recommend that candidates confirm that all applications have been closed and that there is a sufficient and reliable internet connection prior to testing.

Q. What are the exam rules on personal belongings?

A. If your exam program has specific policies regarding personal belongings or testing tools like calculators during an exam, you will find that information in that section of this page.

Q. Can I eat or drink during the exam?

A. You are permitted to have a beverage during your exam. Eating during your exam is prohibited, as is the use of tobacco products or chewing gum.

Q. Can I take a break during the exam?

A. If your exam program has specific policies and procedures regarding breaks, you will find that information in that section of this page.

Q. Could I be interrupted by a proctor during my testing session?

A. Yes. Proctors may interrupt candidates if there is any suspicious behavior or rule violations, and take appropriate actions. Sometimes, it’s to offer a reminder (no talking) and sometimes it’s to investigate something (show me the room, your desk, etc.).

Q. What types of prohibited behaviors will the proctor watch for during the exam?

A. Similar to proctors at a testing center, online proctors ensure testing rules are followed, but they also must ensure candidates follow some additional protocols for an online proctored exam. Examples of prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to, failing to follow proctor’s instructions, looking off the screen, mumbling or speaking aloud, covering your mouth or face, using unauthorized materials (e.g. cell phones, headphones, recording equipment, writing materials), interacting with third parties intentionally or unintentionally, or leaning outside the view of the webcam. If a proctor identifies any prohibited behavior, he or she will instruct you to stop. If the prohibited behavior is not stopped your session will be terminated.

Please note: unless during a scheduled break that is built into your exam, leaving the view of the webcam for any reason or duration will result in your exam session being terminated and exam result being invalidated, even if you have already completed the exam questions. After completing the exam and answering optional survey questions, you must fully close the application before leaving the view of the webcam.

Q. Can tablets or mobile devices be used for OnVUE exams? What about touchscreens?

A. At this time, we require you to run OnVUE exams on desktop and laptop computers running Windows or macOS operating systems that meet these minimum specifications. We currently do not support or allow tablets and touchscreens.

Q. What happens if my mobile phone rings or beeps during an exam?

A. We asked that you keep your mobile phones nearby (but not in arm’s reach) in case the proctor needs to call you. If your phone starts ringing or beeping during an exam, you should ignore the notifications. If the proctor questions you about the noise, you can explain that it is your phone ringing. If candidates have an alarm or reminder that goes off on their phone, they will be allowed to turn off the alarm.

Q. What are the protocols if my internet connection is disrupted during an exam or the proctor asks me to restart my application?

A. Note that if a disconnection occurs, the exam timer stops and you will resume from the question or moment you left the exam. If technical issues occur during an exam, you can use the OnVUE chat function to discuss the problem and its remedy with Pearson VUE support staff. We emphasize the importance of having a good, strong internet connection; meeting all of our system requirements; and successfully passing the system test before registering for an OnVUE exam to avoid this process.

If the connection between you and the proctor is lost, a proctor will try to contact you either through your computer or by phone to see what happened and offer help in restarting the exam. If you do not respond to the proctor, she will revoke the testing session. The proctor will also create a case for you in our system outlining what happened; standard protocols regarding test revocation will be followed. If, during your exam, a proctor asks you to restart or you lose connection to your exam, you can resume testing by relaunching the application through your downloads by following these steps:

  1. Locate your downloads folder and reopen the OnVUE application
  2. Recomplete any requested check in steps and then click next. Your exam should reload and begin. If your exam does not relaunch, please contact our customer service team via chat for additional support.

Q. Can I adjust my font size during my exam?

A. When the testing computer is locked down during an exam, you may still use CTRL+ and CTRL- to magnify content up to 200%. This is the same capability that is available in testing centers as well.

Q. Can I read questions aloud during OnVUE exams?

A. No. If this happens, a proctor will ask you to stop reading the questions aloud. If you continue, the exam may be revoked.

Q. What is the built-in digital whiteboard available to me and how do I use it?

A. Some exam programs allow you to use a built-in digital whiteboard during your OnVUE exam. You can use the digital whiteboard to do scratch work or take notes. Physical scratch paper or note boards are not allowed when taking an OnVUE exam.

During your exam, you are not allowed to use exam-specific materials and you are not permitted to use any physical writing instruments such as a pen, marker, or pencil.

Q. Where can I locate my score report for my OnVUE exam?

A. Depending on your exam program, you may be able to access your score report after the completion of your exam by logging into your web account. Please review your exam program’s specific processes to ensure you know where to go to locate this information and when it will be available to you.

Q. Can I use headphones?

A. Headphones and headsets (wired or Bluetooth) are not allowed unless explicitly approved by your test sponsor.


Q. Am I required to wear a face mask?

A. If you are testing at a test center, this depends on federal, state, local, and tribal regulations. Where required by law, yes, you must bring and wear your own face mask the entire time you are at the test center, including throughout your exam. In these locations, testing candidates without a face mask will be denied testing services. Face masks are recommended at all other locations.

  • Please note: Regardless of local regulations, some programs require masks for all testing candidates at a test center. To find out if your program mandates mask-wearing, refer to your program-specific landing page.

At test centers, a surgical or cloth face mask, including a homemade face mask, is acceptable as long as your nose and mouth are fully covered. Please refer to the CDC (Opens in new window, WHO (Opens in new window, or your local health organization for best practices on choosing effective face masks. Face masks with exhalation valves and face shields are not acceptable. We are unable to provide face masks to candidates. Candidates without a face mask will be denied testing services. You will be asked to briefly remove the mask during the check-in process to take the required candidate photo.

Find out if face masks are required (Opens in new window at your test center.

Q. Are OnVUE testing policies different from test center policies?

A. Yes, they are. Policies covering OnVUE testing differ from those that apply to test center delivery because candidates must agree to allow themselves to be recorded in their own space and to having artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technology techniques applied. Candidates must complete the registration process for OnVUE exams through our Pearson VUE candidate website, where you must accept various policies in order to continue with scheduling. You are held to these policies and other testing expectations.

Q. If an exam is offered via multimodal delivery (test center and OnVUE), can I book an exam in one delivery method and reschedule it to the other?

A. The rescheduling function cannot be used to change the delivery mode for an exam appointment. Instead, if you wish to do so, you must first cancel the original appointment using one delivery method and then schedule a new appointment using the other delivery method. For example, you might cancel an exam appointment at a test center and then schedule a new appointment for an OnVUE exam.

Facebook Blueprint OnVUE exam information // Pearson VUE

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