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Why you should delete your Facebook

Why you should delete your Facebook

I’ve already written about why I deleted my Facebook account, but here I am going to argue that you should, too.

Facebook is conditioning you.

If you’re a girl — actually even if you’re a man, and upload a half-naked picture, many people will like it, and comment. If you post a video of you doing something stupid, you’ll get much attention, and maybe someone will even share it.

You don’t even have to do anything special to get a new friend request, as anyone using the platform is constantly seeking to enlarge is illusory social circle.

All of these have something in common.

You press a button, or one of your buttons gets pushed, and you get a little bit of happiness; dopamine to be exact. Whenever you get a new message, or like, or someone wants to be your friend, dopamine is released in your brain. It’s just enough to make you excited a little bit.

Without even being aware of it, you need more, like the dog whose mouth begins to water whenever he hears a bell ring. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a mouth-watering dog.

But the actual issue is that things that cause you to produce conditioned responses are not actually real.

A new friend on Facebook is not actually a deep connection with another human being. A comment is not a meaningful interaction. Likes, so I heard, a often mutually exchanged in order to boost each others online appearance.

Facebook is full of drama.

You know how most people’s lives look like, right?

“Something awesome happened; I bought a new shirt. I’m happy.”

“Something sad occurred; I didn’t get a ticket to the next Avicii concert. Now I’m sad”

It goes like that in an almost never-ending spiral. I’m not suggesting that life shouldn’t have ups and downs, or that I feel the same all the time. But what I do think, is that you don’t have to experience other peoples drama in addition to your own, and there is many people out that have a lot of it.

Every time you’re online, you get a heavy dose of the drama of the world, if you want it or not. But do you want it?

I, for my part, like to think I don’t.

Facebook is superficial.

I mean really, who would post a picture of themselves on which they look ugly? Who would write something that makes them appear imperfect?

Most people learn to control their inputs in away that continuously create positive responses, which in turn nourishes their conditioning. The result is a network of fake identities, or just different identities, where every person gets to live out their ideal self by means of putting up certain content.

If all my Facebook friends were as cool as their profile suggests, I’d be constantly busy hanging out with them.

The truth it, however, that everybody is playing a role, and that if you don’t like unintentional role playing, you better get out of there.

Facebook is distracting.

That’s just a natural result of the phenomena described earlier.

While the network constantly triggers positive responses in you, the causes are not necessarily worth being triggered about. Therefore, they’re nothing but distractions, driving you away from living deeply, and pulling you up into the shallows of your life.

You are being conditioned, and get caught up in drama and superficiality, all at the price of the fulfilment you experience in your personal live.

You might try to go on about your life, but every now and then the urge to check Facebook might lead you to grab your phone and stare at it in expectation.

If your hands are getting sweaty whenever you don’t get the chance to monitor your online identity for a while, maybe it’d be better if you abolished it all together.

Just yesterday, for example, I saw a women in a cafe who played with her phone and surfed Facebook (I could tell by the sound) for the entire time she was there, while her little daughter was wandering around aimlessly and had to interact with the girls working in the place instead.

Sure, Facebook is just a tool and it’s up to you how you use it. But sometimes the tool really sucks.

I read a really eye-opening article on Facebook once, where the author posed the question “What would you do if you didn’t check Facebook?”.


That’s still better than engaging in shallow habits.

Even if you just read a chapter in a good book, take a couple of deep breaths, focus on the present moment, or look out of the window for five minutes, aren’t those ultimately more fulfilling than being a rat in a jigsaw?

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